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Welcome to Danhostel Aarhus


Danhostel Aarhus is located in in the most beautiful surroundings with both new and older builings, in the middle of the forest  Riis Skov, and close to beach and the bathing establishment "Den Permanente" 
The main building was dates from 1869, and contains a fantastic hall, which with its octagonal shape and 7 meter high ceiling, was originally used as a dance pavilion, it is now used as our dining room.

The hostel is situated a few km. from the center of Aarhus, and is within walking distance of the cozy area , Trøjborg, where you will find nice cafes, small restaurants, a cinema and various shops.

There are only a few 100 meters to the bus stop, Marienlund, from where several city buses depart towards the city center.

Danhostel Aarhus has a charching station for 2 electric cars at a time, which charges up to 22 Kwh per hour. Furthermore we have free parking for cars and buses.

We are looking forward to seeing you!