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Grill/Barbecue 2024                  


Danhostel Aarhus is barbecuing again this summer.

This year we are barbecuing on the following dates in July: 9, 10, 11 og 12.
We offer a barbecue buffet with at least two kinds of meat and one kind of sausage. In addition, there are two different salads and baguettes. We start barbecuing at 6:00 pm and finish at 7:30 pm. The price for adults is 149.00 DKK, and for children (under 12 years) 75.00 DKK. It will be possible to buy beer, wine, soda etc. for your dinner.

In case of bad weather, you can enjoy your meal in our beautiful dining hall.

We have a maximum of 40 persons pr. day so please book you barbecue in advance. You can book in advance, either by mail or by inquiring at the reception.

If under 10 persons has ordered the BBQ at noon on the day, we might cancel the barbecue.

Priser for drikkevarer / Prices for drinks:

1 glas vin /1 glass of wine: 40 DKK
1 øl / 1 beer: 20-30 DKK
1 sodavand (0,5 liter) / 1 soda (0.5 liter): 22 DKK
1 flaske vin/a bottle of wine: Fra/From 155 DKK
1 flaske vand/ a bottle of water: 10 DKK
En kande postevand (genopfyldelig)/ a pitcher of tap water (free refill): 30 DKK   
(Man må desværre ikke medbringe egne drikkevarer/ It is unfortunately not allowed to bring your own drinks)